Sessions & Session Notes - Managing Appointments and Documentation

Sessions are the backbone of your practice. The session is how you schedule appointments, write session notes, bill, and track client data.

Each time you see a client, you will need to schedule the appointment as a session in your Calendar, and then mark their attendance. This Owl Guide will cover:

First however, the basics of scheduling a session can be found in our Getting Started Guide! Head here to learn how to set up a standard session.

Once you have a session, documenting what went on it is equally important! Owl Practice allows you to create, manage, and securely store your Client Session Notes. Every session you book will have its own unique Session Note in Owl. You can work on this Session Note during your session or after, whatever your preference! You can also sign your Session Note using your digital signature (see here for a guide to adding your signature into Owl).

Owl Notes use a variety of features designed to make your note writing process enjoyable and secure, including:

  • Digital Signatures
  • Auto-saving
  • Spell check
  • Customizable Notes Templates
  • And more!
Notes can be written on any device you use to access Owl, making keeping accurate and updated notes convenient.