Non-Session Notes

Non-Session Notes are an open tool on the client account. They can be used to document client interactions outside of the session, such as emails or phone calls, and can also be used to generate more formal documents such as reports. This tool is intentionally flexible, to accommodate any document you will need to create!

Writing a Non-Session Note

To write a non-session note:
  • Head to the Client Account > Sessions & Notes.
  • You’ll notice a tab here called Non-Session Notes.
  • Exactly the same as your Session Notes, this tab stores a list of all the non-session notes for this client.
  • To create a new note, click the green Create Note button in the top right.
  • You’ll have most of the same notes functionality as with a session note - templates, a revision history, and the ability to sign notes.
  • You can also give these notes a title, and if you are an office admin you will need to assign the note to a therapist.

Notes Exports and Non-Session Notes

We understand that you may want to include these non-session notes in the Client Record, but some of you may not (depending on what you use them for). For that reason, we have given you a toggle to “Include Non-Session Notes” when doing Notes Exports.

Non-Session Notes and Supervisors

If you have a supervisor, Non-Session Notes will use the same logic that you have set up for your Session Notes. For example, if you require a supervisor signature, once you sign a non-session note, your supervisor will need to sign the note as well. There is a new tab in the Workflow>Notes area to ensure they are clearly separated from session notes.

A few notes:
  • Group Edition: Non-session notes will use the same logic for your group as your session notes, meaning only the therapists assigned to that client will be able to see them.
  • If you plan on having office admins complete session notes, you will need to ensure your notes are not hidden from admins (Settings> Practice Details).