Is Owl Practice Compliant?

Yes. We consulted extensively with many practicing clinicians as we were designing and developing Owl Practice and we heard very clearly that therapists wanted to ensure compliance with federal, state, and provincial regulations (like HIPAA in the United States and PHIPA in Ontario), and College requirements (Psychology, Social Work, Psychotherapy Colleges). So we built Owl specifically to do just that.

As a practice owner, there are several things you need to do to ensure HIPAA, PHI, and College compliance for your practice, but one of the most critical is how you choose to store and manage all your sensitive client records. At Owl, we go to great lengths to ensure the security and privacy of all your practice data at all times, using a variety of means to do so. These include operating dedicated servers, encrypting all communications between your device/browser and our servers, redundantly backing up your practice data frequently, enabling tiered user access for different user types (e.g. owners, office administrators, therapists), creating distinct and segregated databases for each account, and ensuring that personal information does not leave the Owl Practice system.

Rest assured, your data is safe and secure with Owl, and we want to work with you to help you achieve compliance. To further help you with this, we have put together a number of articles for each Canadian province, detailing its relevant provincial legislation and outlining some of the ways in which Owl helps you achieve compliance with the relevant one depending on where you practice.

These can all be found in the Owl and Compliance category in our Support page, but they will also be linked below for easy access: