[CAD] Compliance with Privacy Laws in Saskatchewan (HIPA)

Practitioners in Saskatchewan are subject to PIPEDA - for more information on this, please see the Compliance with Federal Privacy Laws article in this section. However, Saskatchewan is also subject to the Health Information Protection Act (HIPA). This legislation has not been deemed substantially similar to PIPEDA, so clinics will need to refer to both even when only practicing in Saskatchewan. The Office of the Saskatchewan Information and Privacy Commissioner can be reached through the contact details on this website.

Owl and HIPA

Under HIPA, Owl would be considered an ‘Information Management Service Provider’. An information management service provider shall not use, disclose, obtain access to, process, store, archive, modify or destroy personal health information received from a trustee except for these purposes:

(a) for the purpose of having the information management service provider process, store, archive or destroy the personal health information for the trustee;

(b) to enable the information management service provider to provide the trustee with information management or information technology services;

(c) for the purpose of having the information management service provider take custody and control of the personal health information pursuant to section 22 when the trustee ceases to be a trustee; or

(d) for the purpose of combining records containing personal health information - Source

Owl does not use or manage personal health information provided to us by a trustee for any purpose outside of the above, so you can rest assured that you're compliant in using Owl!