1. Owl Practice FAQ
  2. Client Portal & Online Booking

General Overview of the Client Portal

The Client Portal is a set of features used to interact with clients. It includes:
  • Online Booking
  • Intake & Consent Forms
  • Secure Client Messaging
  • Clinical Measures
All client interactions are hosted on Owl’s secure and compliant servers. Read more about Owl security here.

The Client Portal is a fully integrated set of features, which means they cannot be split apart in terms of pricing. This means that if you opt to use the Client Portal, while you can decide which of the four available features included in the Client Portal you want to use for your practice, the Client Portal would still be priced the same. For example, you can opt to use Forms but not Online Booking

The Client Portal is an optional add-on. Review our pricing plans here and contact us to upgrade.

Please review these articles to learn how to successfully use the Client Portal: