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Welcome to the Group Edition Getting Started Guide


We're proud of Owl and what it does to help ease the stress of administrative work of running a private practice. This guide exists to ensure you configure your new Owl Group Edition account correctly.

These are the features we recommend you set up and learn from the beginning to ensure your transition to Owl runs smoothly.

The Practice Owner will work through this guide. Owl Practice is a self-serve product, meaning all configuration of settings is done by the user. This guide walks you through each necessary step in detail, and always remember our support team is here and happy to help along the way!

Step One: User Access

Control who sees what information and set up user access for your staff.

User Access Guide

Step Two: Therapist Profiles and Availability

Each therapist needs their own Therapist Profile. Configure options on the profile for availability, billing, and more.

Therapist Profiles

Step Three: Your Fee Scale and Therapist Grades

Every calendar event in Owl contains three essential pieces of information: a client, a therapist, and a service. A service is a type of session that you offer, the fee for that session, and the duration.

Services + Therapist Grades

Step Four: Supervisors

Are any of your clinicians supervised by more senior members of your team?


Step Five: Granting Access

Get your staff set up with and trained on Owl.