Session Summary

For clinics that wish to provide their clients with a printable list of upcoming sessions, we’ve created the Session Summary! This document is very similar to the Account Summary and can be created the same way, but it does not summarize any balances owing. It is meant as a handy reference to keep clients informed of any upcoming sessions they need to know about.

Creating a Session Summary

To create a Session Summary for a client, open their profile and under the Actions sidebar you will see a new prompt called Client Summary. This prompt was previously called Account Summary but now provides clinics with the option to produce a Session Summary or an Account Summary.


When you click the Client Summary action, you will be prompted to choose the kind of document you wish to create:


Select the date range for the document and then choose the type by flagging the checkbox next to it. Doing so will generate a preview of the document.

Account Summary: a document listing all of the past sessions the client has had for the date range specified that totals any payments made and balances owing.

Session Summary: a document listing all of the sessions the client has had or has upcoming with the relevant information for their reference. This document can include the cost of the sessions or not, depending on the clinic user’s choice at the time it is created.

After making your selecting click the green Next button. You will be prompted to choose the email for the recipient of this document, if you choose to send it via email. If you have selected an Account Summary you can also choose to Show Next Appointment on the document for the client’s reference. If you have selected a Session Summary, you will be given the options to Show Next Appointment as well as Show Amounts. A Session Summary can be created with or without the amounts of the sessions displayed to the client.


Once you have made all of your selections for the document, you can send it via email, generate a PDF version of it, or Print it.