Invoice Methods: Auto Invoice or Bill Manually

Invoices are financial documents used to demonstrate balance owed by a client for services rendered. Invoices are generated for every billable item. They are supplied to clients to request that they pay for your services.

Owl's Two Invoicing Methods
There are two invoicing methods in Owl. You can choose a preferred invoicing method for your entire clinic, or assign them on a client by client basis:
  1. Auto-Invoice
  2. Bill Manually
Auto Invoice
This is the default invoicing method when you start an Owl account. Auto Invoicing links the generation of an invoice to marking attendance. When Auto Invoice is enabled and you mark attendance for a session, Owl automatically creates the invoice. Invoices are never automatically emailed or delivered to clients by Owl. Because attendance is marked on a session by session bases, Auto-Invoicing always creates one invoice per session.

Bill Manually
Allows you to customize your invoices to include multiple sessions. When Bill Manually is enabled, marking attendance does not generate the invoice. Rather, you will mark attendance session by session, and at the end of the billing period manually generate one invoice with multiple sessions.
When deciding between the two invoicing styles, ask yourself:
  • Do the majority of my clients pay at the end of their sessions, or on a session by session basis? (Auto Invoice)
  • Do the majority of my clients prefer to be billed monthly or quarterly? (Bill Manually)
  • Do the majority of your clients pay at the end of their sessions, but a few prefer to be billed monthly? (Auto Invoice with a few clients set as Bill Manually)
Please contact us if you require further assistance deciding which invoicing method is best for you.

Configuring Your Preferred Invoicing Method
You will configure your invoicing method for your practice as a whole under Settings > Practice Details. If you plan to use Auto Invoicing, you do not need to update anything. As this is the default method, all new Owl accounts are set to Auto Invoice.

If you plan to use Bill Manually, please head to Settings > Practice Details and adjust the "Invoicing" area (scroll to the bottom of the page) to "No - Invoice Manually."

Once you set your preferred invoicing method under Practice Details, all new clients will be set according to your preference.

If you have opted to use Auto-Invoice for your clinic, but have a few clients who you would prefer to Bill Manually, you can do so by adjusting their client payment terms:
  • Head to the Client Profile > Contact & Clinical > Account Details.
  • Click the Edit button in the bottom right.
  • Use the Payment Terms dropdown to select Bill Manually.
  • Click the green Save button.
Once you do so, this client will be saved as a Bill Manually client, meaning you will need to manually generate their invoices from that point onwards.

Please review the following articles to learn how to generate Invoices with the Bill Manually setting, or for completing the rest of the Billing Process: