Bill Manually - Generating Invoices

If you have opted to use the Bill Manually invoicing method, you will need to create all invoices using the process below.

Sessions must be marked as attended to be included on an invoice, and must not be included on any other invoice.

How To Create an Invoice Manually
  • Mark attendance for the session.
  • Once you are ready to create the invoice, head to the Client Profile.
  • In the client action bar, click on Create Invoice.
  • Follow the invoice prompts:
    • Set the Invoice Date,
    • Set the Date Range for the sessions you wish to include on this invoice.
    • Click find Sessions in Range.
    • Click the checkboxes next to the sessions to be included.
    • Add an optional Additional Invoice Message.
    • Click Create Invoice to generate the invoice.
  • The invoice will pop up as a PDF, and you can supply it to your clients according to their preference. This article reviews how to supply financial documents to your clients.
Monitoring Bill Manually Sessions
To ensure that you never forget to invoice for a session for which you have marked attendance, frequently check the To Invoice tab in the Workflow (learn more about the Workflow here). All sessions that have not yet been invoiced for will be listed here.