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Getting Started as an Office Admin in Owl's Group Edition

[This guide is intended as a resource for Office Admin Users who are a member of a Group Edition of Owl. If you're a Therapist reading this and you are using the Solo Edition of Owl instead, please use our standard Getting Started Guide instead!]

Welcome to Owl! Owl Practice is a comprehensive, web-based practice management solution designed to help simplify your practice's administrative needs. As an Office Admin user in a Group Edition of Owl, you'll be able to change most settings relating to the overall practice (please see here for a comprehensive list of areas in which you are limited). As a result, we've created this guide so you know exactly what features and settings to be aware of as you get started as a new user in Owl. Review the steps and articles linked below for a full introduction into all you'll be doing in Owl!

1. Logging Into Owl

If you haven't got access to your Owl Account yet, you'll need to reach out to an Office Admin or an Owner of your Practice to create your login information for you and send your practice URL to you! Each Owl account has its own segregated database, accessible only from a customized, account-specific URL, so be sure to bookmark this URL once it's sent to you for easy access. Once you've logged in with the information provided to you, you can change your login email and password by heading to Settings > User Access.


2. Learning the Features of Owl

Now your Therapist profile and availability has been set up, you're ready to start using Owl! Here is a list of guides for all the features you will most likely use day to day in Owl. Be sure to read through all of these resources for a full understanding of how to use this functionality, and speak to your Group Practice to make sure you know what features they expect you to be using each day.

  1. Click here for a guide to adding and managing Clients in Owl. As an Office Admin, you'll be able to see and search for all Clients in the practice.
  2. Next, click here for a guide on scheduling sessions in Owl. This guide covers both scheduling Client sessions and blocking out Therapist's time for personal/administrative purposes.
  3. Depending on your practice's settings, you may or may not be be able to view and edit session and non-session notes inside of Owl. Please speak to your Practice Owner if you believe this setting is configured incorrectly for your practice.
  4. Finally, check here for a guide to billing in Owl. Again, be sure to check with your Group Practice about who is responsible for which administrative tasks in Owl, as this will determine how often you use these features.
That's it for a brief overview of all of the main features of Owl! As you use Owl more, you'll want to learn about additional features and areas of Owl that will help you with your day to day tasks, such as the Workflow, so be sure to explore Owl, read more guides on our website, and speak to other members of your practice as you learn the program! If you need more help and can't find an answer, you're also welcome to reach out to our support team, who are always happy to help. Practice wisely!