Enabling Services

Determine which of your services are available to your clients in your Online Booking calendar. Start in Settings > Services.

You can opt to create a new service or edit your existing services to add them to your Online Booking.You can add or remove services from your Online Booking at any time.

Before you start adding them, it is important to understand who they will be available to. Owl gives you the ability to assign different types of services to your different types of clients. There are four options of client-service types:
  • All Clients: Services with this option will appear to all clients using the portal, whether they are new or existing clients.
  • Existing Clients: Anybody accessing the portal who has a validated, associated account will be able to see these services as they book sessions through the Client Portal.
  • New Clients: This service will only be visible to new clients who have not yet been validating and associated. This is recommended for initial contact or consultation type services.
  • Not Allowed: This service will not appear to clients on your Online Booking.
To add or edit a service to your Online Booking:
  • Press the checkbox next to the Service you want to enable, opening the green Edit bar
  • Click the grey Allow on Portal button.
  • Choose the correct client type from the dropdown.
  • The service will automatically be updated on your Online Booking.
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