03/12/24 Progress Notes

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Available Now

Coming Soon - Currently in Beta

Available Now

The following enhancements and bug fixes were launched to Beta customers on February 26, 2024 and are now available to all accounts

New Note Templates

We have added 3 new note templates to the Owl Template Library: Risk Assessment, Mental Status Exam, and Biopsychosocial, to help facilitate note-taking for these common session types. Navigate to Manage > Notes > Template Library to preview these templates, edit, and add them to your Practice Templates to begin using them for your client sessions!

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Note Templates Overview

Bug Fixes

  • Show Supervisor on Client Profile after removed from Therapist Profile 
  • Fix overlap on Account Summary cards
  • Change label to "Date & Time" on Note Template Content Modules
  • Fix permissions error on Save Note
  • eClaims - Missing French translation 
  • Overlapping modals when deleting a session
  • Forms - Missing french translations in Intake Fields
  • Chouette - Populate circle of care members for family sessions 
  • Clarify missing phone number error
  • Add French date formats on Form PDFs
  • Fix scoring for ACE measure

Coming Soon - Currently in Beta

The following enhancements and bug fixes are currently only available to Beta customers. Target launch date for general availability is March 26, 2024

Client Portal

Hide Custom Message box when Blank

When the optional Custom Message box was added to the My Account page on Client Portal, the logic was such that the box would appear regardless of whether or not there was any content in this field. After feedback about how this may be confusing to clients, we have updated it so that the box will not show to the client if the box is blank. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Reminder/ Confirmation error when missing e-mail/ phone number
  • Increased Password requirements
    • Passwords are at least 8 characters and have at least 3 of the following four character types:

      • Upper case letters

      • Lower case letters

      • Westernized Arabic numerals (1, 2, ….9)

      • Non-alphanumeric (special) characters (e.g. ?, |, %, $, #, etc.) or equivalent international language representations

  • Client Profile - Show Pending amount on Mobile
  • Video - Fix Waiting Room Visibility Issue