Where Are Owl's Servers Located?

Owl servers are located in secure data centre facilities exclusively in Toronto, Canada.

Privacy laws in Canada are some of the strongest in the world. A federal privacy law called PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) basically states that once an organization has your data, they are fully responsible for its protection. If that data leaves the country, stored on a U.S. server for example, that organization must inform their customers.

As we were developing Owl Practice, we consulted extensively with many therapists. The message was loud and clear; as a matter of PHIPA and College compliance, it’s very important to have data reside on servers in Canada. Owl Practice data centres are located exclusively in Canada so your practice data is squarely within the borders of Canada. Our servers are located across multiple data centres in Toronto, so you can be assured your client’s practice data is securely stored in Canada.

These servers are dedicated to Owl Practice. Though the Owl service is accessed via a browser, the data is encrypted in transit using SSL encryption, a trusted online security protocol. We take extensive steps to ensure that your practice data is stored and transmitted as securely as possible. Not only are Owl data servers located in Canada, but our servers in Toronto are directly connected to the largest Canadian Internet backbone (TorIX).