Welcome to the Getting Started Guide

Welcome to Owl!

We're proud of Owl and what it can do (and has for many others) to help ease the stress of administrative work of running a private practice. This guide is here to help get your new Owl account set up so you can save time, get organized, and see more clients!

There are seven components to this guide:
  1. Logging in - The basic about an account - what is an instance, how do you log in, and where do you log in?
  2. Customize Your Settings - Set your therapist details, practice information, and more!
  3. Managing Your Clients - Adding new clients, managing your existing ones, and working with personal health information.
  4. Creating Services - What types of sessions do you provide, how much do they cost, and how long are they?
  5. Adding Sessions - Now that you've added clients and services, you are ready to schedule appointments!
  6. Writing Session Notes - Writing and managing session notes in Owl.
  7. Billing for a Session - Invoice your clients, record payments, and manage their finances. Owl makes billing straightforward and simple!
That's it! We want to make sure that getting started with Owl is a painless process. We have a lot of other great features that you can take advantage of, so be sure to look around the rest of Owl's support site.

Of course, you can always email support for any questions, and one of our team will be happy to give you a hand!

Please Click Here to start the guide, and follow the links at the end of each article to move to the next step!