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Viewing and Editing Practice Documents

From the Practice Documents main page you can click into the folder and sub-folders to view any documents you wish, per your assigned user role and permissions. When you’re in the Practice Documents section of Owl, you can click the vertical dot icon next to any folder or document that you see to open a menu of actions that can be performed. The options available are different for sub-folders and documents.

Sub-folder actions are:
  1. Rename -- you can change the name of the folder
  2. Delete -- you can delete this folder it entirely if it is no longer needed
Please Note: If you delete a folder, all of the items currently nested within that folder will be deleted as well.

File actions for items that have been uploaded are:

  1. Open -- this option only applies to image files and it will allow you to edit the image by rotating it to orient it correctly
  2. Rename -- you can change the name of the file
  3. Print -- opens the file in a new tab so it can be printed
  4. Download -- will generate a download of the file directly to your device
  5. Delete -- will remove the file from the listing and put it into the Trash section