[U.S.] What is a Superbill?

A Superbill is a document of clinical information and itemized services that a healthcare or wellness professional issues to their clients which they can then use to make claims for reimbursement from their insurers. The Superbill document contains all of the information insurers need to assess healthcare claims such as provider information, clinic information, service details, CPT Codes, ICD-10 Codes, and referring doctor.

In short, Superbills aggregate all of the data that a client needs to submit a claim to their insurer. These documents are most commonly used by Out-of-Network providers who do not handle healthcare claim submission on behalf of their clients.


Owl offers an easy way for clinicians to support Out-of-Network clients with their insurance claims: Superbills! 

As a clinician, you would be described as Out-of-Network when you do not have a contract with a given health insurance plan provider (insurer). You may be considered In-Network for some insurers and Out-of-Network for others. It all depends on which insurers you have paneled with and enrolled for as a provider. If you are seeing a client whose insurer you do not have a contract with, you can issue them a Superbill so they can seek reimbursement from the insurer directly themselves.