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[U.S.] Setup Part 2 - Connecting Your Account to Change Healthcare

Once you’ve ensured that your Owl Practice account has been fully configured and you would like to set up your account with Change Healthcare, go to Settings > Practice Details and click the Get Started button. 

Owl Practice will provision your account to assist with Change Healthcare registration. You will be prompted to fill in the form with the information required to register you as a Submitter with Change Healthcare.

Once you’ve completed the form, click the Save button.

After you have submitted the information, a confirmation window will appear letting you know that your registration request has been sent to Change Healthcare for review.

When you click Done you will see that your status is set to Pending:

Please note: it will take a few business days, approximately 24-48 hours, for Change to process your application. Once it has been approved, one of Owl’s dedicated Customer Advocates will enable claim processing for your Owl account and send you an email with all of the information you need to sign in to ConnectCentre, your Change Healthcare Submitter account.

When your registration with Change Healthcare has been completed, you will see that your status has been changed to Active.

From here, you can click the Log In to ConnectCenter button to access your Submitter account or you can complete all of your enrolments with the payors accepting claims through Change Healthcare by clicking the Manage Enrolments button. 

Both of these buttons will take you out of Owl Practice and direct you to your Change Healthcare ConnectCentre account where you’ll need to login with the User ID and Password your dedicated Owl Customer Advocate provided when your registration was finalized.

You can manage all of your enrolments with the payors you work with through ConnectCenter. You will not be able to submit claims through ConnectCenter, however. All claims and eligibility checks must be completed directly through your Owl Practice account.

Helpful Tip! 

It is critically important for providers to have accurate and up-to-date information registered to their NPI, on file with the payors, and within your Owl Practice account. Keeping your information up to date will ensure quicker reimbursements from payors. Payors will reject or deny claims that have incorrect or inaccurate information. Being dutiful about keeping the information connected to your NPI, your clinic, and your claims up to date is the best way to secure reimbursement for your clients.