[U.S.] Owl Payments (Stax) Console

When you have an active Owl Payments merchant account connected to your clinic you’ll have access to the Owl Payments Console. The console is a helpful tool for reporting and payment reconciliation of your clinic’s financial data. From within the console you’ll have further insights on the payments you process, and can see notifications about expiring client fund sources and disputed transactions.

The Owl Payments Console can be accessed from your Owl account by going to Settings > Payment Details and clicking the Access Owl Payments button.

A new tab will open displaying the console dashboard.

You’ll see filters at the top of this dashboard that can be used to show you summaries of your processing data based on the range you’ve selected. If you scroll down to the bottom of this page you’ll also see helpful summaries like Average Sale and number of Active Customers within the filtered date range.


Clicking into the Payments tab in the sidebar will take you to a master list of all payments processed through your Owl Payments account. All of the payments will be displayed by date and can be filtered as needed for routine reconciliation with your Owl Practice clinic reports. You can see all of the transactions that completed successfully, any that have failed, credit card transactions that were voided, the payment method used, and the total amount charged to the client.

You can click on any of the individual payments listed to view more details as well. This is especially helpful for any payments that have failed because you can see the customer data associated with the failure and then follow up accordingly.

You can filter the payments list as needed and click the Print button at the top of the page to generate a list for reconciliation purposes.

The Print View can be printed out directly or saved as a PDF document. 

Next to the Print button you’ll see an option called Take a Payment. 

Please Note: It is important to know that you should NOT use this function in your Owl Payments console. Although you can take payment through the console directly, the payment you take will not be connected to your Owl Practice clinical account which will cause discrepancies in your client balances and financial records. Best practice is to always record payments from directly within your Owl Practice clinical account.