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[U.S.] Change Healthcare Insurance Integration

American clinicians who offer healthcare claim support to clients as part of their billing cycle can use Owl Practice’s integration with Change Healthcare, a leading clearinghouse for healthcare claims and revenue cycle management, to submit claims to their network of thousands of payors. Using Owl’s Change Healthcare integration, you can significantly streamline the insurance claim process for your clinic. You’ll be able to check client coverages for eligibility, submit claims, and get responses back from the payors directly within your Owl Practice account!

Your clinic will need to be subscribed to an Owl Pro monthly plan for access to this feature. There is an additional cost of 0.25¢ per every submission to the Change network. Submissions are defined as any action initiated by the user that send a call to Change for client eligibility checks, healthcare claims, and claim status checks. Click HERE to learn more about Owl Practice's Plans and Pricing.

Click HERE to learn more about how you can setup Change Healthcare for your Owl Practice account!