Workflow Adjudicated Claims

When claims have been fully processed by the insurer, you can find them in your Owl account by going to Workflow and clicking into the Adjudicated Claims section:

Each adjudicated claim will display its status as either Paid, Adjusted, or Rejected. You can click the checkbox next to any of the claims here and the Mark as Resolved and More Actions options will appear:

You can click Mark as Resolved if you have reviewed the claim and do not need to take any further action. Doing so will remove the claim from this list, although a record of the claim can still always be viewed from within the Client’s Profile by going into it and clicking into Insurance > Claims

If you need further details, click the More Actions button to see the other actions available, such as View EOB, or View Details. 

For claims with Rejected status, you will only be able to view the EOB from here. For claims with Paid status, you can view the EOB or view the claim details.