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[U.S.] Submitting Claims

Once you have set up a client’s coverage, you can begin creating claims. Please note that a session can only be referenced on one claim at any given time, this is a way to mitigate fraudulent submissions, and only after it has been fully invoiced within Owl. Click HERE to learn more about Owl’s billing functions.  It is important to know that you can submit claims for sessions that have not yet been paid, have been partially paid by the client, or that have been fully paid by the client. How and when you take payment from clients for your sessions and manage the claims lifecycle is entirely up to you.

To create a new claim for a client:

  • Open a Client Profile and go to Insurance > Claims
  • Click on the plus (+) sign in the bottom right corner
  • Fill out each step on the form that opens up:
    • Step 1: Choose which of the client’s coverages (if there are multiple) to use:

    • Step 2: Select an answer for each of the service detail questions that are asked. You can hover over the tooltip next to certain questions for a more detailed explanation:

    • Step 3: Select at least one eligible session to include on the claim. You can select up to 50 on a single claim:

    • Step 4: Review the session details, and make any adjustments as needed before proceeding. You can also use the plus (+) symbol next to each item to include any relevant add-on codes:

    • Step 5: Add the final necessary details for the claim, including the Place of Service, any applicable Modifiers, and at least one Diagnosis Pointer per session:

    • Review Claim: Ensure all of the details of the claim you’ve entered are correct. You can go back to any previous steps to double check it or if there are any changes to make. When you are ready to submit it, click the Submit Claim button to send the claim to the insuror:

Once you have submitted a claim successfully, you will see a confirmation window appear:

If there was an error submitting your claim, please note the message displayed in this window and contact Owl Practice via email (support@owlpractice.com) so we can provide assistance if needed.

You can check on the progress of your client’s claims any time by opening their Client Profile and going to Insurance > Claims. You can hover over the Status of each claim to see any updates as it moves through the process: