Therapist Grades

Therapist Grades allow you to charge different fees for the same service for different types of therapists in your practice.

Note - This is an optional service - if you charge the same fees for all therapists in your practice, skip this step.

If you do charge different amounts for the same service based on type of therapist, you will need to create a Therapist Grade for each of these levels.

Here is an example of why you would need this:

Your practice offers the service “Individual Therapy.” Your practice has three types of practitioners: Registered Psychiatrist, Psychologist, and Associate. The Registered Psychiatrist charges $200 for Individual Therapy, the Psychologist charges $180, and the Associate charges $150 for the same service.

Assigning a Therapist Grade to each type of practitioner, and then setting up a corresponding Service & Fee, will ensure that when they are scheduling clients they will only see the appropriate Services & Fees assigned to their specific grade.
To create a Therapist Grade:

  • Head to Settings > Therapist Grades.
  • Press the plus icon in the top right.
  • Give the grade a name (the type of practitioner).
  • Press the green Save button.
In our above example, we would need to create three grades:
  1. Registered Psychiatrist
  2. Psychologist
  3. Associate
In general, you should try to create the fewest number of Therapist Grades needed for your practice, as you will be using them every day in your Fee Schedule.

Once you have created your Therapist Grades, you will need to assign each therapist a grade:
  • Head to Settings > Therapists.
  • Press the checkbox next to the therapist’s name for whom you are adding the grade.
  • This opens Owl’s green edit bar at the top of the list. Press the Edit button to open the “Edit Therapist Window.”
  • You can specify their Therapist Grade here using the dropdown menu, which will have the grades you just set up available. Be sure to press the green Update Therapist button to save your work.
When this therapist logs in, they will only be able to schedule sessions using the services assigned to their grade.