Taxes in Owl

Owl Practice allows you to set up your tax rate on a service by service basis. This allows you to charge different taxes for different services. Once you set your taxes up, they will be included on all invoices and receipts for that service in the future. There are two steps to setting up your taxes:

Configure Your Tax Settings

If you plan on using taxes in your services, you will need to enable them before you set up your services. To do this:
  1. Head to Settings > Payment Details.
  2. Under the Tax Settings heading, click the checkbox next to Enable Taxes.
  3. Add in a Tax Message to be included on your invoices and receipts. This could be an HST number.
  4. Press the green Save button.

Create Your Taxable Services

Now that you have enabled taxes, the second step is to set up your taxable services themselves.
  1. Head to Settings and select Services and Fees
  2. Set up a new Service by clicking the plus icon in the top right
  3. For Tax-Added fees, set up your Service as per normal, and select a tax rate from the list available to you. You will be able to set none, your provincial tax rate, or other to set your own. The tax will be added on top of the base fee.
  4. For Tax-Inclusive fees, check off the box for “Fee is Tax Inclusive”. You will need to select either your provincial or other tax rate to back calculate from the full fee.
  5. Press the green Create Service button!
When you schedule sessions using this service, the tax rate will be included on all invoices and receipts for your clients. It will be clearly broken out at the bottom of the invoice and the receipt. All data exports separate taxes from your service fees in separate columns, to make tracking your revenue as easy as possible!