Supervisors - Using the Workflow to Monitor Session Notes

As a supervisor for a therapist who is using Owl, you will need to digitally sign their session notes.

Your supervisee will work with the Owl team to ensure that your account is configured correctly, and you may need to supply a digital copy of your signature to you supervisee. Once that is all set up, you are ready to log in to Owl and review notes!

Your supervisee will be responsible for setting up your access and password, and once they have done so please review our How to Log-In to Owl FAQ!

Once your supervisee writes and signs their Session Notes, they will submitted to you for review. To view what notes are ready, please go to the Workflow Tab and click Notes.

Here, you will see a full list of all submitted notes. You will need to open each note by pressing the In Review button next to it, review it, and press Sign to complete the note. Once you have signed a note, you are done reviewing it!

How often you check for submitted notes will depend on your personal arrangement with your supervisee. Please contact us if you have any questions!