[CAD] Owl Integrated Payments by Stripe

Owl Practice is partnered with Stripe to bring you a secure and innovative payment processing solution for practice management.

Two industry leading providers, one comprehensive solution!

Owl Practice has been partnered with Stripe since 2018 to provide private practice clinicians with a seamless payments integration that facilitates secure electronic credit card processing. We are excited to announce that we've upgraded the Stripe connection to the latest version, which will now provide clinicians the additional option of processing secure EFT (electronic funds transfer) transactions so you can bill direct from client bank accounts too!

Our aim is to make it easy for therapists to process a range of payments, so you can focus on what you do best: providing dedicated therapy to your clients.

What is Owl Integrated Payments by Stripe?

As a therapist, accepting payments from your clients is an essential part of running your business. However, managing payments manually can be time-consuming and prone to errors, and it can also come with the added stress of handling sensitive financial information. 

Owl integrated payments powered by Stripe is a simple and powerful way to accept payments from directly within your Owl Practice account. The Stripe Integration for Owl is available to all clinics doing business in Canada. With it, you can accept all major credit cards and opt clients into secure PAD (pre-authorized debit agreements) to process EFT (electronic funds transfer) transactions from your customers.

Stripe is a secure PCI Hosting Provider that will enable you to process payments in a PCI Compliant manner. To learn more about PCI Compliance, click here.

Why choose Owl's Stripe Integration?

A Seamless Client Experience

With the Stripe Integration, you can securely save client cards and bank accounts details to client profiles, or have clients enter it themselves through Owl's client portal for online booking. With securely saved payment methods on file, you can seamlessly bill your client's payment method immediately following a session without asking them to pull out their card. Clients will appreciate the flexible payment options, and you'll spend less time sending payment reminders and following up on unpaid sessions.

Easily Manage Client Payment Records 

No more having to manually update patient payment records via keystrokes and clicks as your next appointment is waiting to see you. You can charge the payment methods already on file in Owl, Stripe will process the payment, and your client billing status will be updated automatically. Funds will be deposited directly to your designated merchant bank account via scheduled payouts from Stripe.

Simplified Reconciliation  

Private practice owners, office admins, and therapists can manage session attendance, financial documents, billing, and notes for clients from within one singular comprehensive practice management platform. By using Owl's integrated payments solution, you and your accountants will no longer need to manually reconcile payments accepted through a mobile devices, card terminals, or processed by any other third party non-integrated providers.

Easy To Understand Pricing  

With the Owl Practice bundle you’ll know exactly how much you’re paying to process transactions regardless of what credit card your patient chooses to pay with. This eliminates month-end surprises associated with typical variable pricing programs. And with no fixed monthly fees, you only pay per transaction, when you use the service.    

The fee for credit card payment processing with Stripe is 2.9% + 30 cents for transactions with Canadian cards, or 3.9% + $0.30 for international credit cards. The fee for EFT transactions is 1% + $.40, no matter the region. This fee is deducted at the time of processing by Stripe, prior to being payed out to your bank account. 

Streamlined EFT Acceptance

Stripe’s EFT payment solution allows your practice to easily accept bank transfers directly through your Owl Practice account. No more having to reconcile bank transfers initiated from outside your practice management platform.

Support You Can Count On

You will always have one central support contact for your payment processing needs, the Owl Practice Customer Advocacy team! We'll be with you every step of the way to answer questions and provide support when needed. You won't have to deal with multiple payment providers, each with their own support systems, which can be time-consuming and frustrating. With Owl Practice as your central support contact, you can rest assured that you'll receive prompt and reliable support for any payment-related issues.