To use Owl’s eClaims feature you will need to be on an Advanced or Professional level plan (Settings > Subscription). You will also need to either create an account with TELUS eClaims, or link your existing account.

When eClaims is available in your Owl account, to get started you first need to set up a connection between TELUS and Owl. To connect these accounts, go to Manage > eClaims > TELUS Profiles. Click the “+” icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. Follow the prompts that appear in the window that opens:

First, you will be prompted to link a Therapist or an Administrator TELUS profile with Owl. Choose the profile you wish to connect, then enter the Provider details (as found in your TELUS account). You will also need to add details about your Organization and Location. It is important to know that each TELUS profile can only be linked to one Owl location. Once you’ve completed these steps, your Organization will be set and your Location details saved. You can switch between Locations at the top of the page to add relevant Profiles as needed.

You can also link Therapists and Administrators to their TELUS profile by going to Settings > Therapists or Settings > Administrators, selecting the individual profile, and clicking the “Edit” button.

For Group accounts, it is important to set your eClaims permissions in Settings > Practice Details > Therapist Settings and Settings > Practice Details > Admin Settings to ensure that this feature is enabled appropriately for different user roles at your practice. When eClaims is enabled, there will be a new section to choose the access level Therapists and Admins should have for all of the eClaims functions.