Session Notes for Supervisors

If you are a supervisor whose supervisee uses Owl, you can have access to their Owl account to review and sign session notes!

The first step is to have a user profile set up for yourself. Please have your supervisee set your profile up using our Guide to Managing Supervisors in Owl. Once your account is ready, your supervisee will send you your information to log in.

Your supervisee writes and signs their session notes in Owl. Instead of printing or exporting them, once they are signed they will be "submitted" to your new Owl log in to review and sign as well. This allows you to manage session notes in a compliant and secure manner!

You will need to:
  • Log in to your supervisee's Owl account using the instructions they supply you.
  • Head to your Workflow - you can get there using the menu bar on the far left of your screen.
  • Under the Workflow, click Notes.
  • This will show you a list of all of the session notes your supervisee has signed and completed.
  • Click the In Review button on the far right to open the session note.
  • Read the note, make any applicable changes, and press the Sign button once you are done. If your therapist has set up your digital signature, this will add in a copy of your signature! If they have not yet done this, it will add in your name, credentials, and a date and time stamp.
Once you have signed a note, it will disappear from the list!
How often you log in to Owl to complete this process is completely up to you, but the Supervisor Notes feature allows you to streamline your supervision responsibilities.