Sending a Form

To send a form, your client must be entered into Owl with their:
  • First Name
  • Last Name, and
  • Email Address
If you do not yet have an email address on file for this client, you will not be able to send them the form.

There are two places in Owl to send a form to a client:
  1. The Manage Tab
  2. The Client Account
Send Forms From the Manage Tab
  • Go into Manage.
  • Click the checkbox next to the form you are ready to send. This will open the green edit bar.
  • Click the grey Send button.
  • Search for the Client by their name.
  • Select the correct email address.
  • Click the green Send Form button to email the form to the client.
Send Forms From the Client Account
  • Head to the Client Account.
  • In the left sidebar, click Send Form.
  • Follow the prompts to select the form, the client email address, and customize the email message.
  • Click the green Send Form button to email the form to the client.

Clicking the Send Form button will deliver the form to your client as an email message. If the client has not received the form, they may need to check their junk or spam folders.

What Your Clients See
At this point, you have made your custom form and sent it to your clients, and maybe even monitored their progress on it. You may be wondering what they see. When you assign a form to them, they receive an email (the custom one set up by you!) from your email address. The email has a link in it, which they click to open the form. They can click the link and revisit the form as many times as needed until they sign it. Your clients cannot view forms from their Online Booking area. They will need to always access the email to complete the form. If they have lost or accidentally deleted the email, you can resend them the form.

We highly recommend setting yourself up as a test client to view your forms and see what the process looks like from your clients’ side.

Once you have sent a form, you can track that form's progress and resend it if needs be!