[CAD] Removing or Updating Client Payment Methods

You can easily remove a payment method from a client’s account at any time. If the client has told you that the card on file has expired or account details are no longer valid, you can remove it from the client's profile by following these steps:

  1. Search for the client and open their record
  2. Click into Contact & Clinical > Payment Methods. Any saved credit cards or bank accounts will be shown here:

  3. Click the arrow next to the payment method to expand it and you will see the details such as expiry, address and/or Account Holder Name:

  4. Click the Delete button to remove the payment method

When a client’s card has expired, you will need to remove the old card and then have the client present the new card so it can be added to their account. For security and compliance reasons, once a payment method has been added to a client record it cannot be edited. To make changes to the card or account, you must remove the payment method and then add it again.

It is critically important as part of PCI Compliance that you do not ever write down client credit card numbers or bank account details on paper or store them in files on your computer. Client payment methods should always be input into Owl directly by having the client present their card or void cheque onsite and then inputting the details into the secure Payment Method window that opens when you click the Add Payment Method button.