Refunds - Correcting Errors

Owl's Refunds feature allows you to easily refund payment to a client if needed and show that a balance is still outstanding on their account for that amount. However, once a refund has been processed you will not be able to delete any of the related financial documents or edit the Amount Charged for the session. This is done to preserve the integrity of the data and maintain a comprehensive financial history for the client's file.

If you've processed a refund erroneously and no longer have the option to delete the related financial documents, what should you do next to correct the client account? Outlined below are three possible options, depending on the scenario:

  1. The Refund Amount You Input Was Higher Than Intended
    If you have processed a refund for an amount higher than you intended, you can correct it by recording another payment against the session for the difference. If you refunded $100 when you meant to only refund $60.00, you can then record a payment of $40.00 on the session to correct the balance outstanding on the client's record. You can make a note on the payment that it was recorded to adjust the balance of the refund processed for accuracy in your reporting.

  2. The Refund Amount You Input Was Less Than Intended
    If you have processed a refund for an amount less than you intended, you can open the receipt and process another refund for the amount of payment remaining on the session. If the session was $100 and you only refunded $50 of it in the first transaction, you can open the receipt and issue another refund for $1-$50 of the payment amount that remains.

  3. You Processed a Refund on the Wrong Receipt
    If you refunded the incorrect receipt altogether, what you can do is process a new payment against that session and note that it is a refund correction in the additional comments for your reference, then you can proceed to process the refund against the intended receipt.