Refund Reporting

All of the refunds that have been processed will be logged in the Refunds Export. Access this export by going to Dashboard > Data Exports and scrolling to the bottom of the page.


The export can be filtered to report data for a date range of your choosing, and will download as a .CSV file that can be opened using data programs like Excel or Numbers. The Refunds Export lists:

  • Refund ID
  • Date that the refund was processed
  • Client ID
  • Amount refunded
  • Taxes refunded
  • Payment Method
  • Any Confirmation Number input when the transaction was processed

Please Note: if a payment has been refunded other data exports in Owl will be updated accordingly as well. If a payment for a session has been refunded, the session will still appear in the Session Export and you'll see that the Amount Paid and Tax Paid fields have been updated. If a refund was processed in full, there will be no amounts displayed in these fields. If a refund was processed for a portion of the payment, these fields will be updated to reflect the amount of the session that has been partially paid.