[CAD] Processing Transactions via Stripe

Processing credit card or EFT transactions is simple and easy once a payment method has been saved on file to a client profile.
  1. When the client is ready to pay, simply click Record Payment like you normally would
  2. Next, click on the Payment Methods dropdown menu and you will see any credit cards or bank accounts that have been saved to the client’s record listed here in the Stripe section:

  3. Select the payment method the client wishes to use from the list and click the Record Payment button
  4. A prompt will appear showing the the details of the transaction you are about to process so you can review and then confirm the transaction:

  5. Once the transaction has been processed, the receipt will be generated and on it you will see the payment method displayed with last 4-digits of the card or account.

You can process payments for the full amount owed or for a partial amount. The amount processed will be accurately reflected on the receipt and the client balance will be updated accordingly. 

Credit Card payments will be processed instantaneously, however EFT transactions will be placed into a "Pending" state while they are processing, which can take between 3-5 business days to fully complete and settle. Once settled, you will see the status for the transaction changed to "Success" in the client profile.