PayPal Migration

With our new subscription system, you can now manage your Owl plans right within your Owl account. We have added some great new features that allow you to have more insight into your billing and more easily gather subscription information during tax time.

With this new set up you will be able to:

Access Owl Branded Invoices and Receipts
Each month, an invoice for your subscription and receipt of your payment will be added to your Subscription page. You can easily download copies of these to submit to your accountant or bookkeeper during tax time. The price will be clearly broken out showing the taxes separately.

Easily Update your Subscription or Credit Card
In the Subscription section, you will be able to change your subscription at any time. If you are ever interested in adding Video or the Client Portal features, this can be upgraded here. Group practices can easily upgrade or downgrade their accounts as their practice volume fluctuates as well. If you ever need to change your payment information on file, this can be updated in this section as needed.

Manage your Subscription within your Account
Instead of having to login to PayPal, you can now manage all of your billing from within your Owl account. This saves you time and from having to remember yet another password and login.

To update your subscription, login to your account and go to Settings > Subscription. Here you will see the plan equivalent to the price and features you currently have available. Simply click the Subscribe button and you will be prompted to input your credit card for billing. Once the card has been entered, the subscription will be completed and you'll see a confirmation prompt from Owl. In this new Subscription section, you'll be able to see all of your invoices for Owl services.

Then once you've completed the new subscription, you can cancel your PayPal subscription. To do this, login to your PayPal account and click on your most recent Owl Practice payment (you’ll see it in a table on the right-hand-side of your My PayPal area). This will expose the details of the payment, and you’ll see a link to "Manage Owl Practice Inc. Payments". Click on this link, and then click "Cancel" underneath the subscription details.

Please note: you have three months to switch over to our new method of payment before our system will lock your account. Please do reach out to us if you do not have a credit card that can be used with our new billing and we will work with you to ensure your account is not locked.

Please feel free to contact our support team with any questions you may have by sending an email to