Non-Session Charges

Non-Session Charges is a feature which allows you to document and create invoices for any fee you are giving to a client other than their session fees. You can specify that name of the fee, the cost, and automatically generate an invoice.

You may use a Non-Session Charge for administration hours, reports, books, letters, or anything else you need to charge your clients for. These are not tied to Calendar events, so your invoices will not reflect the "session date."

To create a Non-Session Charge:
  • Head to the Client Account > Finances.
  • Click the Non-Session Charges tab.

  • Press the plus icon in the top right of this tab, to open the Add a Charge window.

  • Name the charge under Service Name, specify the Amount Charged, set a Tax Rate, and decide if you want to auto-invoice for this.

  • Press the green Save button.
If you have selected to Auto-Invoice, you'll find the invoice under the Invoices tab. You can record payment the same way you would a session. If you have opted not to Auto-Invoice, you will need to use the Create Invoice tool to generate the invoice for the Fee.