Multiple Locations - Overview

Owl Practice’s new Multiple Locations feature gives practices the ability to configure multiple office spaces under one practice name. If your practice hosts multiple office locations, for example you have a Downtown office and an Uptown office, each of them can be configured within your Owl instance with their own unique addresses and details. Clinics can use the Multiple Locations feature to support therapists working out of different office locations, allowing them to schedule sessions for their clients at the appropriate practice location based on their schedule and availability. The corresponding financial documentation for the sessions--invoices and receipts--will also be reflective of the location where the session was hosted. This feature helps reduce inefficiency and confusion about whereabouts by helping everyone see how the staff are allocated and where they will be working throughout the week.

When the Owl Practice Account is configured for multiple locations, your practice will be able to assign Therapist availability by location and view the Calendar per location.

It is important to keep in mind that with Multiple Locations, many of the settings and configurations in Owl will become locations-based. Here is a list of the settings that are considered Global (practice-wide) and those that are considered Local (location-specific):

GLOBAL - applied at ALL Locations

LOCAL - applied at specific Location only

Instance & Login to the account

Calendar - each view specific to location

Clients - all added globally to the account

Workflow - should have a view for all and specific locations

Linked Accounts & Contacts

Dashboard - Year-Over-Year, Stats, and Exports - should have a default view for all but option to drill down into specific locations

Online Portal Clients

Settings - Basics tab, allowing unique Invoice and Receipt addresses to be displayed

Manage - Practice Docs

Settings - Calendar & Rooms

Manage - Forms

Settings - Reminders - option to have all locations default to the setup for the Default Location, or to customize per location as needed


Settings - Appointment Confirmations - option to have all locations default to the setup for the Default Location, or to customize per location as needed

Therapist Grades

Settings - Therapist Settings

Settings - Admin Settings

Settings - Services and Fees - added globally but given the option to choose which locations they can be offered at

Settings - Online Portal

Settings - Payment Details

Settings - Note Templates

Settings - User Access