Late Cancel and No Show Pricing Rules

Fee percentages for Late Cancellation and No Show sessions can now be applied to each service in the Service List. The fee percentage feature will allow you to automatically invoice clients for Late Cancellation and No Show sessions at a rate of your choosing.

To add a Late Cancellation or No Show percentage fee to a service, go to Settings > Services and Fees. You can add a new service by clicking on the + symbol at the top-right hand corner of the page. If it is an existing service you would like to apply the Late Cancellation and No Show fee rules on, click the checkbox beside the service name, then click Edit.

The Late Cancellation and No Show text boxes are located beside the Fee text box. The default fee percentage is set to 100%, meaning if a session is marked as a Late Cancel or a No Show, the full price for the service will be billed.

If your clinic’s policy is that you do not charge clients for the full amount when they Late Cancel or No Show on their sessions, you can change the default to any other percentage that is in alignment with your clinic policies. For example, in the image above, you can see that Late Cancellations will be charged at 25% of the set service fee and that No Shows will be charged at 50%. Once a Late Cancellation and No Show percentage has been assigned to a service, marking sessions in the Calendar as Late Cancel or No Show going forward will generate invoices for clients accordingly with these rates.

If a client’s billing preference is Auto-Invoice, then selecting the Late Cancellation or No Show status on the session will automatically generate an invoice with the fee percentage amount you have chosen. If the client’s billing preference is Bill Manually, an invoice will not be automatically generated after marking sessions with the Late Cancel or No Show status. However, the fee percentage rules will still apply to the session upon invoice creation at a later time.

For services that include tax, please note that the fee percentage will be applied to the service fee before tax. Tax will then be calculated based on the fee percentage rate.