How Do I Process a Refund When Credit Has Been Used?

When a payment has been made using a client’s account credit, it cannot be refunded until the credit has been unapplied. Credit can be unapplied and reinstated on the client’s account.

When you open a receipt that had credit applied as payment, you will see the reference to the amount of credit applied in the sidebar. You will also see an option to Unapply Credit.


Click the Unapply Credit option. This will remove the credit that was used and add it back to the client’s record. The balance for the session is updated to reflect the amount still owing.

If the payment was a combination of account credit and another fund source, e.g. cash, you will process the refund in two steps:

  1. Unapply the Credit
  2. Refund the remaining balance
Once the credit has been unapplied the blue Refund button will appear, and you can complete the refund.