Group Edition - the Workflow for Practice Owners and Office Admins

In Owl's Group Edition, each user has their own unique Workflow.

If your practice is set to allow Therapists to only see their own clients, they will only see Workflow tasks relating to their own clients.

Practice Owners
The Practice Owner user type has full access to all of the practice information, meaning they will see all therapists in the Workflow area. To navigate this, each tab of the Workflow has a filter icon in the top right corner that allows them to filter the lists for specific information. The Practice Owner can use the Workflow tool to monitor therapist work and ensure all employees are completing the appropriate tasks!

Office Admins
The Office Admin user type will also have full access to the Workflow tab, and will be able to see all the therapists' information. The Workflow tab is essential to the Office Admin, to help:
  • Ensure Attendance is marked at the end of the day
  • Make sure that "Bill Manually" clients are not missed.
  • Manage the entire billing process and ensure no invoice is not generated or payment is left unrecorded.