Group Edition Settings

If you've switched from the Solo Edition to the Group Edition of Owl, or are new altogether to Owl, you may want to know what Settings are different or exclusive for the Group Edition of Owl. This guide exists to help familiarize you with important or exclusive settings for the Group Edition. Just head to Settings > Practice Details!

The basic details for your practice will be entered here - Practice Name, Address, and Contact Information. You will also upload your Logo here.

You will also determine your practice’s invoicing style under Invoicing. There are two options under “Use Automatic Invoicing:"
  1. No - Invoice Manually
    You will need to Mark Attendance for every session, and then generate an invoice manually for every session.
  2. Yes - After Mark Attendance
    After your mark attendance, your Owl account will automatically generate an invoice and update the Balance Owing. If you choose this option, you are still able to set individual clients to Bill Manually.
You can also opt to include a reminder of the client’s next appointment on the invoices. This can be toggled on/off on each invoice and receipt.

Calendar & Rooms
This area of your Settings allows you to manage your Room Booking. Room Booking is a feature included in Owl Practice’s Group Edition.

There are two steps to configuring your Room Booking:
  1. Enable Room Booking
    Be sure that this is set to “Enabled”
  2. Name the rooms
    Press Add Room to give the room a name and add any relevant notes. Be sure to hit the green Save button!
Once you have set up Room Booking, when scheduling Calendar sessions you will have the option to book sessions into these rooms. There is also a Rooms View option on the Calendar to see which rooms are booked on a day-by-day basis.

Set your Calendar Start Time allows you to set a default time when viewing your Calendar. You can still scroll up past this time.

Therapist Settings
This area allows you to control your clinicians’ access to your practice details.

Therapists only see their own clients
  • No - See all clients
  • Yes - only their own clients
    Choose “yes” if it is important that your therapists see only their own client list. When they are scheduling, viewing their exports, and in all other areas they will not see any client for whom they are not an assigned therapist.

    Note - if a therapist is set as a Secondary Therapist for a client, they will have full access to the notes and session history for that client.
Show all therapist schedules
  • No - Only show individual schedules
  • Yes - Show all schedules
    If you are using the Room Booking option and your therapists will do their own scheduling, we recommend “Yes.” If you have opted to have Therapists only see their own clients, the therapists will see the slots that other clinicians are scheduled in but will not see any of the client or session details.
Therapists may delete invoices and receipts
  • No
  • Yes
    If your therapists will be responsible for billing, they may need to balance errors in invoices and payments by voiding or deleting invoices and receipts.
Admin Settings
Your practice’s Office Admins will be able to see everything in your Owl account, so they can help you with the administrative side of your business.

If confidentiality is necessary, you are able to “hide” or lock your session notes from your Office Admins.