General Overview and the Edit Bar

The Settings area is where you will customize your Owl account. It’s separated into different areas, and this FAQ guide will review your options to customize in each area.

Edit bar functionality and saving updates

You will see the “edit bar” functionality all across Owl. This tool allows you to view and modify specific information, very easily!

Here, you can see the edit bar opened to begin editing a Therapist Profile:

On any page where you see a checkbox next to an item, typically in lists of information, press the checkbox next to the item to open the edit bar.

This will open the green edit bar at the top of the list. Depending on where you are in Owl, this will allow you to edit, view, delete, or customize information.

Whenever you make an update to any information in your Settings area, be sure to always hit the Save or Update button. If you do not do so, your information will not update.