Enabling Recording and Assigning Storage

Enhance your practice by efficiently managing video recording storage for therapists on your Owl Practice account. This guide outlines the steps to allocate storage once you've added video recording to your subscription.

After adding session recording to your subscription, follow the instructions below to allocate the storage to Therapists based on your clinic's needs

Enabling Recording

  1. Navigate to Settings > Therapists:
    • Log in to your Owl Practice account as an Owner or an Admin user 
    • On the left sidebar, locate and click on "Settings."
    • In the Settings menu, find and click on "Therapists"
  2. Select a Therapist and Click "Edit":
    • From the list of therapists, select the one for whom you want to allocate video recording storage.
    • Click on the "Edit" button in the green bar to open the modal for editing.
  3. Toggle "Enable Session Recording" to Yes:
    • In the editing modal, find the "Enable Session Recording" toggle.
    • Set it to "Yes" to activate session recording for the selected therapist.
  4. Choose Storage Size:
    • Once session recording is enabled, a storage allocation option will appear.
    • Select the appropriate storage size for the therapist, in increments of 5GB.
    • Note: The system won't allow you to allocate more storage than is purchased and unassigned
  5. Click "Update Therapist" to Save Changes:
    • After selecting the storage size, click on "Update Therapist" to save your changes.
    • The therapist now has allocated storage and will have the option to start and stop recordings when they are in an Owl Video Session 
    • You will now be able to see how much each Therapist is allocated and using from the Therapists table
  6. Manage Recordings in Workflow
  • Therapists can view their recordings and ensure they stay within their allocated storage limit in the Workflow section 

Decreasing/ Disabling Recording

  1. Free Up Storage Space:

    • Navigate to the Workflow section to manage files.
    • Identify and remove files associated with the therapist in question that are no longer needed.
    • Free up one or more increments of 5GB. If you need to retain these files, download and store them elsewhere.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Therapists:

    • On the left sidebar, locate and click on "Settings."
    • In the Settings menu, find and click on "Therapists"
  3. Select a Therapist and Click "Edit":

    • Choose the therapist for whom you want to disable video recording storage.
    • Click on the "Edit" button next to their name to open the editing modal.
  4. Remove Storage Increments:

    • Inside the editing modal, locate the storage allocation section.
    • Remove one or more increments of 5GB from the therapist's profile.
    • If you've cleared all storage, the therapist will no longer have allocated space for video recording.
  5. Toggle "Enable Session Recording" to No:

    • If all storage has been cleared, toggle the "Enable Session Recording" to "No."
    • This step ensures that video recording is disabled for the selected therapist.
  6. Allocate or Remove Storage:

    • With the storage cleared, you have the flexibility to allocate it to another therapist if needed.
    • Alternatively, if you no longer require the storage, you can remove it from your subscription altogether.