Current Prescription vs Medication History

Client Medications track both past and current prescriptions your clients have taken. This creates a more clear picture of your client’s clinical history and past treatment. This information is tracked in the Client’s profile under the Contact & Clinical section. Owl has added a new Medications tab where this is stored. This area is separated into Current Prescriptions and Medication History. Both current and historical medication history are displayed here with current on top and historical below it.


Current Prescriptions: This is a list of the prescriptions your client is currently taking. The medication, dose, frequency, and start date are all easily visible in the Medications tab. By clicking on the medication card you can see additional information including the Prescribing Doctor and Comments.

Medication History: Prescriptions the client has taken in the past that are relevant to keep track of in relation to their care. This section shows time period when the client took this medication as well as the dose and frequency. To see all other relevant details click the checkbox next to the medication then the Edit button.

Note: once an End Date has been added to a prescription it becomes a required field. This can be moved back into Current Prescriptions if the end date is in the future.