Client View: Payment Details

When this setting has been enabled, any clients with credit card saved to their client profiles will be able to see them in the Account area of their client portal account under the Payment Details section:


The client will be able to see the credit cards that they have added, but they will not be able to remove them. This is to ensure that the clinic has a valid card on file that they are able to charge in the event of a No Show or Late Cancellation. If the client would like to have a card removed from their profile, they simply need to contact the clinic.

A clinic user can remove the credit card from the client’s profile by opening their file in Owl and going to Contact & Clinical > Account Details. They will see the card saved as a Payment Method on the client’s file and can delete it from here.

Clients can add additional credit cards to their profile any time they wish by clicking the Add Payment Method button. When the clinic wishes to bill the client for their sessions, they will be able to choose from any of the cards on file. The client can advise the clinic of their preferred card for any payments.