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Benefits of Clinical Measures

Track your clients' outcomes with Owl Clinical Measures!

Measuring client outcomes is becoming increasingly important in mental health provisioning, both for clinicians and for clients. Clinicians can use measures to demonstrate that empirically validated treatment modalities are effective, and Owl has added a new feature to make this process more accessible.

Owl’s Clinical Measures empower you to send and track commonly used Clinical Measures to help gauge your clients' outcomes.

Each clinician who chooses to use measures needs to ensure that they have been properly trained in how to use and administer them, and only qualified professionals should be using them in accordance with the professional and ethical standards of their governing bodies or overseeing directors and/or supervisors.

Owl Measures are completed in Owl’s secure and PHI compliant Client Portal, or administered directly within your Owl account, so you can rest assured that they are protected under the same security measures. These articles cover Owl security in more detail.

Learn more about Owl Measures here.

Owl Measures are only available with the Premium plan. Review our pricing plans here and contact us to upgrade.