Appointment Confirmations

Appointment Confirmations are emails that are automatically delivered to your clients when you schedule, update, or cancel their sessions. They notify your clients of recurrences, too! This feature will help to reduce:
  • The number of missed appointments
  • Confusion over appointment times
  • Time spent administering your calendar.
Appointment Confirmations are different than Reminders. Nothing with your former Reminders will be impacted with these changes. Here’s how the two are different:
  • Reminders: are sent to clients (when turned on) ahead of appointments by SMS or email (or both) by the notice period you’ve set up. They’re intended to remind clients of upcoming appointments just ahead of the appointments.
  • Appointment Confirmations: are sent immediately after appointments are created / updated / deleted to confirm an appointment time with a client. These are set up independently of Reminders, and you will need to turn those on/off by client as needed.
There are two steps to using Appointment Confirmations:
  • 1. Customizing your Appointment Confirmation email content, and
  • 2. Enabling Appointment Confirmations on your Client Accounts.

Customize Your Appointment Confirmations

Before you start using Appointment Confirmations you will want to customize the content of your emails:
  • Head to Settings > Reminders.
  • Click the Appointment Confirmations tab.
  • Here, you can customize both the Subject and the Body of your emails.
  • Owl has a default generic message, but feel free to update it!
  • If you do update it, use the macros on the left hand side as variables and type the rest of your text.
  • If you do edit your default messages, you must use the Action macro. The Action macro is used to tell your client if the session was scheduled, updated, or cancelled.
  • Hit Save.

Enable Your Clients’ Appointment Confirmations

Just like Appointment Reminders, Confirmations are turned off by default. You will manually enable these for each of your clients.
  • Head to the Client Account.
  • Click Contact & Clinical > Contact Details.
  • In the bottom right of that page, press the blue Edit button.
  • Toggle Appointment Confirmations to “Allow”.
  • Press Save.
That’s it! Just two quick steps to save you the time of sending out emails manually each time you schedule, update, and cancel sessions. If you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!