04/23/2024 Progress Notes

Table of Contents

Available Now

Coming Soon - Currently in Beta

Available Now

The following enhancements and bug fixes were launched to Beta customers on April 9, 2024 and are now available to all accounts

Video Recording

Initiate Composition after Window is Closed

Previously, the system would only start composing a video recording file if the Therapist used the "End Session" button from the People menu, or the "Leave" button from the main toolbar. We received feedback that many people end the call simply by closing their browser window or tab, so we have added an additional process to check for calls ended this way and initiate the recording composition. As usual, you will be notified by e-mail when your recording is accessible via the Workflow

Bug Fixes

  • Emails - Adjust logo size and date formatting
  • Clarify MFA error message
  • Playback error for Video Recordings on Safari
  • Suppress Notifications when Update Without Notifying is selected 
  • Missing French translation in Forms 

Coming Soon - Currently in Beta

The following enhancements and bug fixes are currently only available to Beta customers. Target launch date for general availability is May 7, 2024

Client Portal

Add Superbills to Financial Documents

For US Clinics who provide out-of-network services, your clients will now have the ability to download their Superbills from the Client Portal, similarly to the other types of financial documents. This means you may not need to send them anymore, saving time and clicks on the clinician's part, as the client can download it themselves once it's been generated


Capture KYC Details in Onboarding Form

If you have a Stripe payment processing integration, you may have noticed that your account recently got updated to "restricted soon" status in Settings> Payment Details> Stripe. This was due to Stripe updating some of their documentation requirements, and requiring all processors to submit updated documentation by August 2024. We have updated the Stripe onboarding page so that you're able to upload these KYC requirements and verify your identify. Be sure to do this by August so that you can continue processing payments without interruption.

US Insurance

Additional ICD-10 Codes Added

We've added the following ICD-10 codes, allowing you to claim more types of services.

  • G70.2 Congenital and Developmental myasthenia
  • P07.30 Premature Birth
  • R46. 81 Obsessive-compulsive behavior
  • R45.851 Suicidal Ideations

Bug Fixes

  • Missing French translations in Forms
  • Remove borders on Forms read-only content modules
  • Incorrect tooltip copy on Client Portal Booking page
  • Add conflict alert when scheduling recurring sessions
  • Fix client name showing incorrectly in Note Editor
  • Error generating medications in Note Editor
  • Error saving a session located in "No Room" 
  • Missing Translations on User table
  • Fix Non-Session notes count in Workflow
  • Clarify invalid e-mail error message when adding a user
  • Error with price on recurring sessions