04/09/2024 Progress Notes

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Available Now

Coming Soon - Currently in Beta

Available Now

The following enhancements and bug fixes were launched to Beta customers on March 26, 2024 and are now available to all accounts

Confirmations/ Reminders

Respect Link Settings if Shareable Links Enabled

When Owl Video was first introduced, the only way for a client to access their video session was via the client portal. Thus, the client portal link was always included in confirmations and reminders for video sessions, to ensure clients could easily access their session. Since the introduction of shareable links, client portal access is no longer required, and thus client portal links are not required in communications. 

When shareable links are enabled, and "Include link to Client Portal in e-mails" is set to No, the client portal link will no longer be included in confirmation and reminder e-mails. If shareable links are not enabled for a particular video session, the client portal link will be included regardless of settings. 


Preserve duration on Personal session types

When scheduling a personal session, the user will set a start and end time, and thus the session is scheduled for a specified duration (ie. 60 min). If the user then makes changes to the start time, the end time is not automatically adjusted, and thus the duration of the session may be shorter or longer depending on the adjustment made. We have implemented a change so that, when the start time is adjusted, the end time will be adjusted accordingly to keep the duration the same. If you did want to change the duration, you will need to adjust the start and end time of the personal session

Practice Details

Phone number no longer required

We've received quite a bit of feedback from Therapists that they may not have a practice phone number, or if they do, it's not something that they want to disclose to clients on their financial documents by default. We have updated the data validations in Settings > Practice Details > Basics so that practice phone number is no longer required. Owl Practice will never contact you via phone unless explicitly requested. 

Bug Fixes

  • Self-Compassion Scale (SCS) measure - fix scoring
  • Forms - highlight fields with validation errors during completion
  • Restrict e-mail and SMS message edits for free trial accounts
  • Add missing French translations: Measures, Waitlist status and service, Admin Settings, 
  • Fix tab name on Therapist Grades page
  • Fix toast for Attendance marked successfully 
  • Video: Added error message when screen sharing permissions are not enabled
  • Fix Signup Form Issue

Coming Soon - Currently in Beta

The following enhancements and bug fixes are currently only available to Beta customers. Target launch date for general availability is April 23, 2024

Video Recording

Initiate Composition after Window is Closed

Previously, the system would only start composing a video recording file if the Therapist used the "End Session" button from the People menu, or the "Leave" button from the main toolbar. We received feedback that many people end the call simply by closing their browser window or tab, so we have added an additional process to check for calls ended this way and initiate the recording composition. As usual, you will be notified by e-mail when your recording is accessible via the Workflow

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Video Interface - Recording


Add Macros to Read-Only questions

In order to allow you to further customize your forms in Owl, we've added the ability to include macros in read-only question types. A “macro” is a code that Owl will fill in with the correct information. These allow you to easily deliver forms to Clients that are personalized for their own details, without having to change any information each time.

When you open the side panel to Customize your question, you will see a list of available macros. You can click on the one you want to use, which will copy it to the clipboard, and then you can paste it into the content box. When you send the form to a client, the macro will be replaced with the relevant information from your clinic or therapist settings. 

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Create a Form

Bug Fixes

  • Emails - Adjust logo size and date formatting
  • Clarify MFA error message
  • Playback error for Video Recordings on Safari
  • Suppress Notifications when Update Without Notifying is selected 
  • Missing French translation in Forms