02/26/24 Progress Notes

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Available Now

Coming Soon - Currently in Beta

Available Now

The following enhancements and bug fixes were launched to Beta customers on February 13, 2024 and are now available to all accounts


Stripe - Add Location Column to Export

To help with payment reconciliation at clinics that have multiple locations, we have added a Location column to the Stripe Payout Transactions Export that can be downloaded from the Dashboard > Data Export section. You can use your preferred spreadsheet software to filter by this column and payout your various clinic locations accordingly. 


Trigger Recording Composition on End Session

For clinics that have purchased the Video Recording Add-On, we allow you to start and stop the recording as many times as you need within a session, and compile it all into one file for you when the session is over. Previously, only using the red "Leave" button from Action Bar would trigger this composition. We've added an enhancement to also trigger the files to compile if you use the "End Session" button from within the People panel. So no matter how to end your video session with your clients, you can rest assured that your recording has concluded and we will notify you via e-mail once it's ready to view in the app. 

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Hosting and Recording a Session

Recording Consent Form

Clinics who have purchased the Video Recording Add-On are responsible for obtaining consent to record from their clients. To assist you in meeting these privacy requirements, we have added a new version of our default form titled "Consent for Recording Video Sessions". Be sure to check out the form in your Owl instance and edit if needed to suit your needs before sending it out to your clients.

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Using Owl Intake and Consent Forms

US Insurance

Additional ICD-10 Codes

We've added the following ICD-10 codes, allowing you to claim more types of services.

  • R49 Voice and resonance disorders
  • R49.0 Dysphonia
  • R49.8 Other voice and resonance disorders
  • R49.9 Unspecified voice and resonance disorder
  • R62.50 Developmental Delay
  • G40.911 epilepsy
  • H54.7 visual impairment
  • R62.0 Delayed Milestone in childhood
  • Q87.19 - Other congenital malformation syndromes predominantly associated with short stature
  • F43.81 - Prolonged grief disorder

Status Page

We have added some additional internal tracking so our status page is now able to report on more types of errors and provide you with more accurate information. Be sure to check here first if you are experiencing any performance issues with Owl, or contact our Customer Advocacy Team who would be happy to help investigate.

Bug Fixes

  • French Client booking notification - fix missing translation
  • Fixed FAQ link for Video Recording
  • Therapist Settings - make component dividers the same width
  • Room associated with session not updating correctly
  • Superbill e-mail window showing incorrect contact e-mail
  • Client Face Sheet mobile version should allow headings to be expanded

Coming Soon - Currently in Beta

The following bug fixes are currently only available to Beta customers. Target launch date for general availability is March 12, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Show Supervisor on Client Profile after removed from Therapist Profile 
  • Fix overlap on Account Summary cards
  • Change label to "Date & Time" on Note Template Content Modules
  • Fix permissions error on Save Note
  • eClaims - Missing French translation 
  • Overlapping modals when deleting a session
  • Forms - Missing french translations in Intake Fields
  • Chouette - Populate circle of care members for family sessions 
  • Clarify missing phone number error
  • Add French date formats on Form PDFs
  • Fix scoring for ACE measure